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Sunday, March 11, 2007

who moved day light savings?!?

i HATE being late. and today, i was 45 minutes late to work, which would have been 15 minutes early if SOMEONE HADNT MOVED DAYLIGHT SAVINGS!

the cons:
1) i hate being late. and i hate being rushed even more.

2) i didnt have time to get coffee this afternoon so im un-caffeinated. trust me: no one wants that! (if youre in my hood, feel free to bring me an iced latte. [hot coffee makes me sleepy. yea; i dont get it either]).

3) did i mention i was in the shower when i got the call that i was 10 minutes late. do with that information what you will, but assume it means i have on no makeup.

4) its a beautiful day that i didnt get to enjoy at all. okay thats completely unrelated, but, a con nonetheless.

the pros:
1) im already more than an hour into my shift and when i get off, it will feel like (because it really is) 10 pm.



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