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Friday, March 16, 2007

frosty water colored meeeeemories!

last night i came home miserable and sick. i even had to bail on a meeting which is something i almost never do. i admit i tend to be a little flaky and have a lot of dates rolling around in my head, but once ive committed to doing something, i rarely back out regardless of how tired, sick or otherwise busy i am. unless, of course, i dont like you and you tricked me into agreeing in the first place.

i spent the night sleeping on the couch watching netflix movies, one of which has been at my house for more than a month, virtually unheard of in my world (i have impulse control problems)!

the first movie i watched was called "the singles ward" which is a movie about a late 20-something divorced man who is forced to go from the family ward back to the singles ward, which i would liken to for mormons. im sick so forgive me this babbling blogging but the highlight of the movie was when two guys started singing the "popcorn popping on the apricot tree" song. i havent heard that song in 20 years (i cant believe im old enough to say that and mean it), and had completely forgotten it. its funny how a little thing like that can bring you instantly back to being a kid. its like when i smell sunflowers perfume, im instantly transported to france. when i was 15 i went to paris with my dad and mom and brought a bottle with me and would constantly spray it (in bathrooms, at the louvre, on the metro) so as not to have to smell the unwashed parisians, or more accurately, the unwashed americans with dreadlocks and trust funds bumming around europe trying to "find themselves."

i had to pause the movie and call my mom. apparently, she sings the song with my 3 year old niece so the tradition is being carried on.


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