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Sunday, March 11, 2007

fun with sitemeter

recent google searches that have lead you to my blog:

1) the body snatchers dc
2) how to become a pervert
3) maria carry is doing handjob
4) everyones nasty chocolate
5) nasty
6) gays in pantyhose
7) wedding reception nasty exposure
8) vans nasty
9) "out, damned spot! out, i say!"
10) harpi de milo
11) "out, damned spot! out, i say!"
12) out damned spot out i say
13) origin of the word "youre so hot"
14) enlarged liver in dogs
15) van nasty

normally these searches are all variations on a theme: "hot nasty cheerleaders doing freaky things in vans," "naughty school girls," "nasty pictures of naughty school girls in vans," and of course "being pale" and "spanky pants" which almost always appear on the list at least once. im not sure how to feel about the fact that 20% of the list is people searching for a shakespeare quote.

let me point out that "youre so hot" is a phrase, not a word, and that a good way to become a pervert is for it to become publicized that you sit home on saturday nights googling "how to become a pervert."

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