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Saturday, March 17, 2007

birthday, birthday extravaganza

wednesday, following the great toilet flood of 2007, was a rough day. i was unable to sleep all night and at 4 a.m. when i was still wide awake, i decided that if at 5 a.m. i was still up, i would give up on sleep and go to the gym. going to the gym (at any hour) is not something im known for, and wouldnt you know it, 5 a.m. and im still up. so, i tro
dded down to the gym where i was suddenly not so awake anymore, and it was all i could do to not fall asleep on the treadmill.

i had an 8 a.m. breakfast meeting for work. mornings, like going to the gym and eating non-fat ice cream, are not something usually associated with me.

the rest of the day was a general fog of misery and that unnamed feeling of being so tired you feel drunk.

unfortunately, the night didnt end after work. i had two birthday dinners and a concert to go to. the first dinner with l.f. was great. the service at mimi's was more than a little surly, but, the food was excellent and the company more than made up for what the service lacked. except for their inability to serve me the drink i ordered; for that, there is never an excuse! besides, if youre going to have an entire page of specialty champagne drinks, doesnt it make sense to stock champagne? just a thought.

the next dinner was at etete with j.k. and the girls, followed up the good the bad and the queen show at 930. despite drinking wine that tasted like dirt smells, dinner was incredible and the service charming (especially considering we were a loud, rowdy group of 10 girls). unfortunately, none of us and bothered to check the schedule for the show; i assumed tgtbatq would take the stage around 10:30. sadly, that wasnt so. when we arrived at the show at 10:15 - which by the way was possibly the most crowded sold out show ive ever been too. i blame americas obesity epidemic - they were in the middle of their last song. i thought, surely, they must have another set, right? right!?! they came back for about 20 more minutes, which was plenty for me. i was dead on my feet and the throng of people was too much for me. the show was over by 10:40 and i was free to go home. exceeeept... the 10 coffee's id consumed during the day were finally kicking in and my second wind was in mid-swing.

while rounding up the troops i stumbled upon my friend's husband and his friends who joined us for a round of drinks and an all pixies sing along at the downstairs at the 9:30 club.

all in all, it was a great night. not only did i have a fun time celebrating two of my favorite girls birthdays, but i left early enough to catch the last metro home (which is often the mark of a good financial night), got to spend some quality time with a friend-crush (not my friend's husband, for the record), and drink some really disgusting wine.

by the time i got on the metro, i was so congested i couldnt breath. secretly, i hoped it was a reaction to the wine but alas, i woke up thursday with the funk. when i went to my doctor and he looked down my throat he said, and i quote: "ew! youre all red and infected and mucusey back here." awesome. im thinking of having shirts made that say that.



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