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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

some days are just like that


Anonymous suicide_blond said... having that day doll...

2:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boots done, he stayed seated, staring at the brightly colored rug beneath his feet. They had both recognized Salins unique voice when hed spoken through his mindlink with Radin. Eyrhaens inability to control her gifts has brought about changes that should benefit us all. They had him clean in moments. She waited until her breathing felt right again. I did it, didnt I? Smiling, too happy to remain still, Eyrhaen pushed up onto all fours over Hyles hips. Fake sunlight poured through the open balcony doors from the garden beyond. You need to know that Radin loves you. Youre not used to all this atonement. The words spilled unbidden from her lips, easier the more she said them. Its not the same without you. A tiny bud that burst alive when warm lips slid over it. When he slapped her again, she complied, twisting over. She narrowed her eyes and looked back at his face. She shrugged, sidestepping to lower herself to the edge of one of two couches. He murdered all of my babies after they were born. Youd allow me to breed with another man? She would have had to come to terms with the fact.

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

His skin—and hers—had already sprouted beads of oily lubrication to ease the grinding of bodies. It filled in the cracks that had formed when she exploded, when shed fallen apart. Never before had the nearness of a child made her want to be a mother. Eyrhaen thought to watch Tykir suck him. Little by little, she came back to herself.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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