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Sunday, April 08, 2007

mixtape, part 1

as mentioned in a previous post, i heart austin (though its been pointed out to me that its easy to love austin in the spring; loving it in august is much, much harder).

while in austin i bought about 30 c.d.s. my plan was to burn some mixtapes for friends, specifically, one for t-rock for putting me up for the weekend, and a few for my bestie who lives with her husband in iraq. unfortunately, as so frequently happens in my life, nothing went right. turns out, my computer wont burn c.d.s. le sigh.

so instead im posting my mixtape here. and because im not savy enough to know how to post them with links to the songs, its just a completely useless listing of song titles. enjoy!!

austin, spring 2007 *
1) object of my affection, peter bjorn & john
2) your biggest fan, voxtrot
3) we used to vacation, cold war kids
4) tears dry on their own, amy winehouse
5) thats what god made whiskey for, the small stars
6) +81, deerhoof
7) can you feel it?, apples in stereo
8) all my heros are weirdos, !!!
9) citizens of tomorrow, tokyo police club
10) my sword hand's anger, apostle of hustle
11) just the way i are, aquaduct
12) lovelier girl, beach house
13) i still remember, bloc party
14) knife, grizzly bear
15) street wars/exotic foxholes, the blood brothers
16) into the open, heartless bastards
17) lollipop, mika
18) diablo rojo, rodrigo y gabriela
19) the sons of cain, ted leo and the pharmacists
20) tell me does she love the bass, lesbians on ecstasy
21) devil cock, the revolting cocks
22) you are mine, mutemath
23) turn the lights out, the ponys
24) she was a matador, the photo atlas
25) slowly, boudoir beats
26) viejo abasto, buenos aires - paris: the electronic tango anthology
27) dirty laundry, a new groove

* there is no over-arching theme to this mix tape other than including one song from every c.d. i remember buying in austin. im fairly certain im missing at least one if not more.

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