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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

annual abuse of the words "hot" and "beautiful"

they say that politics is like hollywood for ugly people. i think its more like high school with bank accounts and ugly suits - proof of my theory arrived today via the 50 hottest people on the hill, which is like the superlatives of congress.

unfortunately, my duties at headquarters are getting in the way of my mocking this list of the hottest people on capitol hill (which, by the way, i look forward to all year). commentary to come, or, leave your own (any guest bloggers?!).

look for the girl in the cheerleading costume, and let the mocking of the LNS-georgetown-douchery begin!



Anonymous suicide_blond said...

its almost toooo
i mean one is rocking the same hairstyle as when she appeared in a "molly ringwald movie"

9:33 AM  
Blogger gwadzilla said...


my office is pretty darn ugly

but honestly

on the streets of DC I see attractive people all the time

have you ever seen a Supermodel in real life?

some of them are freakish looking

it is camera angles, lights, makeup, and lots and lots of snaps of the shutter

3:02 PM  

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