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Sunday, July 22, 2007

things that confuse, annoy, disgust and scare me (in that order)

4) fantasy congress: for those who arent lobbyists, and want to play along at home.

3) last night i left a gallon of water in the fridge; someone obviously drank it and refilled it with tap water. remember how in high school you would break into your parents liquor cabinet and drink their vodka, then fill the bottle back up with water to hide the evidence? remember how you never really got away with it? it's kinda like that. unlike when you switched my coffee with folgers crystals, i did notice. how did i notice? well, the taste of chlorinated river water kind of gave it away.

2) late night shots. my memory is a little fuzzy, and i dont remember if i blogged about this "exclusive" d.c. based social network before or if a.h., d.l. and i just exchanged snarky and disgusted emails about it, but they have finally lived up to the full weight of their asshat potential. look no further than groups (and people) like this for reasons why i hate d.c.

is the article unprofessional and over-the-top? yes. but, that doesnt make it untrue. read the comments if you need proof.

which brings us to this question: people in d.c., are they bigger douches than people in other cities? discuss. (having grown up in the area, its hard for me to gauge, since sadly, this is what i know and use as my basis for comparison). its all a little too patrick bateman for me.

1) "president dick cheney"

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Anonymous suicide_blond said...

yes... people here are bigger douches than most cities...
sorry...sad but true..
kinda sux that we must live amongst so many douches..

1:41 PM  
Anonymous suicide_blond said...

oops..except ..maybe jersey...the quotient is wayyy up there too..but at least there they are they are just douchey and dull..

1:43 PM  
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