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Friday, June 27, 2008

dear douchbags

to the guys walking on k and 15th debating where they fall on the "douchbag-o-meter," i can safely say, that merely having that conversation ratchets you up a few notches. you, sir, are no three. i would guess you are at least a seven; given your meticulously groomed stubble, im going to guess its more like an eight or nine.




Blogger Jamie Jo said...

Hey! I got your facebook thing, and I'm way old, because I don't even "get" facebook or how it works. Kid, am I awful? I also saw the link to your blog, which I haven't read in forever because when I stopped blogging the first time I lost everyone's info. It was good to see you were hanging in there with the views on life that only Haley can offer. Your title on this one sounds like something I hear in my home all the time. My 15 year old loves to call people douche bags...and has also taught my 3 year old the term. He has also taught him the word doinker and how to Tea-Bag. Lovely!!!

6:09 PM  
Blogger pop quiz kid said...

Haha, douchebag. Such a funny, versatile insult.

Yesterday I passed some guys sitting in front of a store bashing All Those Who Say LOL. Their outrage was hilarious. They were like, "Seriously, who the fuck says that, why the fuck would you say that, LOL guys LOL, it's fucking STUPID [aaaaghhgh rrarrarrarr]" but you KNOW when they got home to instant messenger and continued this rant, they were all "WTF WTF IDK STFU!"

Indeed, I laughed out loud.

10:42 AM  
Blogger pop quiz kid said...



4:26 PM  

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