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Saturday, June 17, 2006

proving that washington is indeed hollywood for ugly people

as previously stated, i am stunned that taylor hicks has been named by people magazine as the "hottest" bachelor. admittedly, i didnt watch the show, so maybe there's something im missing, but short of being suddenly blinded, i dont think i could ever agree that he's hot. quirky, sure. endearing, maybe. charming, alright. hot? no. a thousand times, no!

then, i stumbled onto this from the wonkette rating the "white house hotties." apparently, the wonkette and people are sipping from the same kool-aid, and using the same definition of "hot."

to illustrate, these are the top four "hotties" right now:





while im sure these are all great, nice guys, who didnt ask to have their pictures plastered up under the word hot, and at least one of them can pull of a reasonable "urban cowboy" look, i think this is a blatant abuse of the word "hot."


Blogger art the loser said...

okay, 1 2 and 4 I'll agree with, but 3 is sort of cute. and in dc, sort of cute is a huge compliment since I don't know how much money he has or how big his condo is.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

they can't be all that great or nice, they are republicans

3:18 PM  

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