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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

red, red wine

so last night started with the 97 minute conference call from hell during which i muttered - directly into the phone - "oh shit. oh shit. oh shit. oh shit." no less than ten times.

thankfully, i had plans to meet my awesome friend j.h. and her boyfriend for dinner/happy hour where we drank not one, but two half priced bottles of wine. she and i met when we were randomly assigned to bunk together for a week while we volunteered on a campaign in florida. i've never done well living like goldfish in confined spaces, and sharing beds with complete strangers, but i must admit, i won the lottery that week. the three girls i shared an 8x10 with are amazing, intelligent, fun, thoughtful women, who i continue to see on a somewhat regular basis. or as regular as it can be when one of you has been deported to kabul, and the other is harder to track down than jimmy hoffa. it was great to catch up with j.h. and a.r.; her boyfriend told me a very amusing about being in chicago at a cubs game and hearing a woman behind him yelling "bring it, bitches!" and thinking to himself -- i know that person!! apparently, in his mind, my catch phrases involve liberal use of the word bitch. its nice to know you've made an impression.

we met in clarendon, va which was perfect because, though i rarely like to cross the river, i wanted to see the grant lee phillips concert at iota which is around the corner from where we ate. g.l.p. is best known as the dude who stands on the corner and sings on the gilmore girls, which i think has previously been established as an obsession of mine. lets preface this with saying that im a horrible judge of what shows are going to sell out. shows i assume are going to go faster than condoms at the free clinic end up being me and an 80 year old man named murray. now, i didnt have anyone interested in seeing the show with me, and because i wasnt 100% confident i was going to make it, i decided not to recruit anyone for the show. this proved itself to be an excellent idea because by the time i got to the show 15 minutes after it started (for reals? since when do shows start on time? that is so NOT rock and roll!) it was not only sold out, but overflowing on to the streets. i spent a few minutes with my face pressed up against the glass listening, but in the end, decided to call it a night and stagger off in the general direction of home.

however, i didnt really feel like going home, and it was still early, so i drunk dialed a.h. in seattle, who i think was amused to be getting such a call at 6pm while she was still at work, and t.p., who i'd previously spoken to, and SHOCKING!, he didnt answer. i think he's annoyed with me which is really nothing new. he decided not to go out last night because he had to bring his car to the shop early - at like 8am. now for most people, this may be an excuse, but i wasnt having it because a) i had a 7 a.m. appointment with my trainer the next morning (more on that to come), and b) he. is. unemployed. the only thing he has to do a.l.l. d.a.y. is drop off his car at 8 a.m. that is not an excuse. if you dont want to go out, just say so. i let him know that i thought his excuse made him sound like a word that starts with p and ends with ussy. i dont think he appreciated that.

in the end, i went home and watched "city of god" on dvd which is an awesome - if very intense - movie.


Blogger art the loser said...

Why is it then when you talk about meeting me, which you never do, it's never preceded by the phrase, "my awesome friend"? WHY VAN NASTY WHY DO YOU HATE ME SO?

2:22 PM  
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