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Friday, November 24, 2006

donnie darko

donnie darko ruined several things for me; namely bunny rabbits, and jake gyllenhall. my love of cute, fluffy bunny rabbits has previously been chronicled. however, they have nothing in common with the six foot, one eyed frank, a man in a bunny rabbit suit with a skeleton head, and even less with harvey, the imaginary 6 foot 8 inch friend of jimmy stewart that i remember loving as a kid. i think its going to be a while before i look at bunnies the same way again. thank god its thanksgiving and not easter.

secondly, i heart jake gillandhaul. he seems strangely rugged and sensitive at the same time (but not in a limp wristed kind of way). he strikes me as the perfect boyfriend; just looking at him in his jeans, t-shirt, hoodie and worn in vans, you cant help but picture staying in and snuggling on the couch while watching netflix and eating pizza. he's like a human roofie. clearly, i have very strong feelings for jake gayllenhill. strangely, playing a mentally disturbed, heavily medicated guy with sociopathic tendencies who suffers from hallucinations, only made me love him more. that being said, watching donnie darko did a lot to crush my crush. everyone has an awkward phase - i for example am still in mine - but seeing him looking like he's 15 made me feel like a lecher. next thing you know im going to be wandering around middle school parks wearing nothing but a trench coat.


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