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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

confessions - part II. now with pictures!!

ive never thought of myself as the type of girl who likes "cute" things. baby talk makes me want to vomit (even when spoken to a baby), as do: pet names, public displays of affection, and anything by mary englebreit. when people describe someone as "cute", i picture a thirteen year old cheerleader who wears ribbons in her hair and writes like this: OMG! u r sooOOooOo cute! c U L8R! lol!!!11!!

all in all this is not something i aspire to or find particularly charming. however, i have recently discovered a new website, that has made me question my cold as ice ways. and that something is called "cute overload." seriously. thats its name.

also, im apparently obsessed with bunnies. i think you'll see why.


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