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Saturday, January 20, 2007

what not to wear, exhibit 1

we appreciate that you, much like our model... lets call her "january"... are probably cold, miserable, and sick of winter weather. however, as our model is demonstrating, pairing up two summer shirts does not create a winter outfit. especially when said shirts are made of LACE meaning no amount of layering will ever create an outfit warm enough for january, "january."

prior to last night, i would have told you lace is impossible to pull off during winter (or, possibly ever but thats a personal bias) but i am happy to report that my friend a.h. proved me wrong with the most adorable outfit (white and black lace dress, black tights, white heels). however, this is an advanced maneuver and is not to be tried by anyone who has yet to pass advanced level classes in "hats: parisian goddess or alexis carrington on dynasty during the dreaded turban years."


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