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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

yes virginia, it is cold outside

i swear i will loose my mind if i have to have one more conversation with someone about the weather. yes, genius, it is cold outside. does that come as a surprise to you considering its JANUARY?!? i can already tell we are going to be having the same conversation 7 months from now when you're shocked, SHOCKED!, that d.c. turns into a miserable, swampy cesspool of humidity and midwestern tourists. then i'll have to will myself not to punch you in the vagina while you reminisce about how nice the winters are here in d.c.

newsflash: despite being below the mason-dixon line, we are not actually the south. we have four distinct seasons, each of which requires its own wardrobe and accessories.

that being said, im very excited to have found a forgotten scarf in my office. (i am never dressed weather appropriate, i just know better than to bitch about it.)



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