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Monday, January 22, 2007

lifescript says you have a drinking problem

dear judgmental bastard:

i may be the drunkard, but even i know “drinking too much more than you should” is not a grammatically correct statement. and way to tell me i could quit if i “truly wanted to.” isn’t alcoholism a disease? way to blame the victim, chief. you wouldn’t do that if I had lupus! next you’ll be telling me gay people can turn themselves straight if they wanted it enough.


You may drink too much
Your quiz results suggest that you may have a habit of drinking too much more than you should. You enjoy drinking for social purposes but also enjoy having a few cocktails when there's no specific reason to celebrate. You may occasionally drink too much, get hung over or forget what happened while you were drinking, but sometimes these situations don't warrant a problem with alcohol. But, you could be compromising your safety, health, relationships, financial well-being, or your job. If you are concerned that your drinking habits are getting out of control or if you simply want to curb your drinking habits for other reasons, talk to your doctor or another professional who deals with alcohol-related issues. You can set limits or stop altogether if you truly want to.


Blogger Hey Pretty said...

Huh. So drinking for something other than celebrating something is a problem, eh? Guess that means I'll have to reframe my drinking activities to drinking to "celebrate" a bad day at work, a chipped nail, boy issues, a hideous boss. Hey, when life gives you lemons... (make lemon drops)

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