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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

random musings on a series of non-random events

by the time i got home my whole hand was bloody. its amazing how an itty-bitty cut can bleed so badly. i was too tired, and not sober enough, to deal with it so i didnt even bother putting on a band-aid.

when i woke up, my sheets were completely red.

it took a minute to process that they had been red to start with.

ive noticed a trend of odd nights beginning with vodka, involving hellyeah as my accomplice, and ending at st.ex. one of them is going to have to go and since i cant break up with vodka, and am too in love with hellyeah to imagine life without her, its going to have to be you st. ex. i think im going to self-impose a ban. i see no other way.

it all started with hellyeah's birthday party. a fun-filled affair that proved d.c. is even smaller than i thought possible. i ran into a friend by association i havent seen in almost three years. we met through rcaplan and hung out at black cat; wilson and i had big plans to co-opt her as a friend, but someone our plan never came to fruition. now ive been given a second chance! later, during dinner, prima mentions her new blog, of which i am a contributor. a new friend at the table says "you're van nasty? i read your blog! i found it from dcblogs!" how strange and exciting - and somewhat masturbatory - to hear that people actually read what i write.

last night we unexpectedly returned to st. ex. i met a man who told me that i was like a ruben painting come to life, which by the way, i know what that means. i may have been tipsy but im not stupid. or as stupid as i sound. or probably looked. he then went on to call me the perfect seventeenth century wench. what exactly does one say to that?!? i chose to laugh nervously and stare at the floor. it was when he hugged me goodnight that he knocked my drink to the floor and cut my hand.

i actually just remembered the pictures hellyeah, mm and i took in the photo booth at bar pilar. holy shit does it look like we had a great time.

on second thought, i think i may need to go to st. ex more often.


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