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Monday, June 11, 2007

the 7th anniversary of my 21st birthday will be celebrated tonight

so, today is my birthday. i have a very conflicted relationship with my birthday. it always feels awkward to ask people to help you celebrate a day that is really only important to you, and maybe, your mom (although past a certain point [say, once she no longer counts your age in months] even she doesnt care much).

last year was a particularly difficult birthday for me (though i vaguely remember celebrating for three days straight and having an awesomely drunk time). but, i was in a job i hated and working every day with people who i didnt respect and who made me miserable. its amazing the difference a year can make. i loff my job (still) and and am thankful for the opportunities it's presented me with. and, more than that, i am overwhelmed and grateful to be surrounded by such amazing people. i took yesterday off work and hung out shopping and brunching with my moms, then i went to a friends for a cook out. we had planned to go to the architecture in helsinki show, but never quite made it. instead we drank white sangria, ate b(r)ugers, coca-cola chocolate buttercream cupcakes, laughed and took hideously greasy pictures. so, all in all, a great day and an awesome way to close out my 27th year.

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