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Thursday, June 14, 2007

disgusting, or disgustingly good?

five things about me right now:

5) i am eating a pear. a pear thats lived a hard, hard life. a pear so beaten and abused that it could apply for funding under the violence against women act. that said, the pear is still mighty tasty.

4) someone sent me a power point presentation for a briefing that contained this picture which prompted the title of "disgusting or disgustingly good?"

it was titled "butter burger" and is literally a burger smothered in butter. and is that bacon i see? this is the picture the encyclopedia will use to illustrate the phrase "heart attack on a plate." is anyone else hungry?

3) the following assignment was handed out to me at my birthday festivus: find out if the hot guy in my office, a partner no less, is a top or bottom. inquiring gays want to know!

2) and on that note, i am now engaged in a conversation with cocoa puff, maker of excellent mixed tapes, debating if he were to go gay, would he be a top or bottom all because i am incapable of accepting flip remarks at face value.

1) and finally, i am going to see an interpretation of "romeo and juliet" as performed by "tiny ninja theater" before being a silent rendition of hamlet. you say whaaat? exaaaactly!



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