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Saturday, August 25, 2007

things that annoy me about you

3) mystic tan: not only did it turn me into a human creamsicle - orange in some places and maggoty white in others - but i am also apparently allergic to it, and am itchy in some very private and uncomfortable places.

2) mail: a resident just came down to find out if the mail had come in and became irritated that i wasnt at the desk and didnt respond fast enough. im sorry that im human and i have to pee; maybe next time you can walk the extra foot further and check. your. mail. yourself!

1) people i work with: much the same way i dont want to go to the movies and narrate to you what happens (who is that? ... wait, what just happened?! ... oh! is that his wife?!?), i dont need you to tell me how my book ends. yes, i do know its a good book; ive already read 333 pages of it. you however have only read one, and just because it was the final page doesnt mean i want you to recap me on what happens.


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