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Thursday, September 27, 2007

on your mark, get ready, GO!

would it be wrong to post a craigslist ad saying:

"i will have unenthusiastically efficient sex with anyone who can bring me an iced coffee in the next five minutes. GO!"


this just in: the navy hates jews; prayed we wouldnt notice

and they would have gotten away with it if it werent for that meddling google earth!

image of 1960s naval base coronado, near san diego in southern california.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

strangely, im not nearly as bothered about the flower as i am the shoes

when you stand posed, with your feet together, are your knees supposed to be that far apart?


complete this fug

looking at the furry lapel of paris hiltons dress brings to mind:


why i love new orleans

a friend forwarded this to me - im not sure what im more bothered by: that this may not be a joke, or that i already knew what ab/dl means (adult baby/diaper lover). damned you savage love!

Interpol beauty, I think we were wearing the same thing... - m4w
2007-09-24, 12:54PM

I was happy to see you at the Interpol show last night because I've seen you around before and I think you're really hot. You have dark hair with bangs and sublime porcelain skin. What caught my eye and intensified my attraction last night, however, was that your normally full and fine ass seemed to have a little more padding back there. Am I deluding myself because I want this to be true so bad, or am I correct in believing that you had a diaper on? Are you a fellow AB/DL? I feel that my suspicions (desires/hopes/yearnings for this to be true) are correct because I saw you tossing back with style and grace those alcoholic beverages all night, yet I never once saw you use the bathroom. Perhaps, if you had been paying half as much attention to me as I was to you, you might have noticed the same thing...And one more thing, love: is it still damp from last night?

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

local color: 17th and L street, nw

in case you cant read this sign (which appeared outside a take-away place by my office) it says:

"now we serving hotdog with proper sanitizing."

begging the question, how were they serving (and sanitizing) the hotdog i ate there yesterday?


Sunday, September 23, 2007

email from my grandma

"anyone special in your life?"

would "no, grams, but, there is a series of well-hung, but otherwise un-special people in my life" be an inappropriate response? i just cant tell anymore.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

party like its 1994

email from tocssbito (the only cute single straight boy in the office): with hillary rodham clinton unveiling her health care plan and o.j. getting arrested, all that's left is for "friends" to debut and kurt cobain to die.


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