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Sunday, June 18, 2006

in honor of fathers day

enjoy my tribute to hot dads. i wouldnt mind being spanked by any of them. unfortunately, blogger is being difficult so you will have to imagine photos of lenny kravitz, ben harper and paul bettnay (who i know many will say is an abuse of the word "hot" but what can i say. its my sexy blog and i can do what i want!)

ryan phillip. honestly, ryan doesnt really do it for me. the slightly-to-the-side trucker hat is too ashton kutcher circa 2004 to do it for me. however, i love tattoos. and i love few things more in life than sleeves. and while i know that one is fake, it still earned you a spot on the list.

naveen andrews. youre skanky. and, frankly, i like that in my men.

johnny depp. youre so hot, im willing to overlook the fact that youre an adult man who goes by "johnny."

heath ledger. i thought it was over for us after 10 things i hate about you, but then you came back in brokeback mountain looking hotter than ever. well played.

d'angelo. my lady and brown sugar already won you my love. but, "untitled (how does it feel?)" better not have been a rhetorical question.

hugh jackman. or as i call him "huge assman" - i swear my lust for you has nothing to do with my inexplicable desire for wolverine. alright fine. it has a little something to do with that.

brad pitt. i know many of you will dispute this picture, but i have to say, brad has never done it for me more than he did in fight club. i wanted to lick him... oh my god, i need a moment alone.

dave grohl. you are a significant contributor to my obsession with the black cat. and yes, there are better pictures of your face out there, but this picture isnt about your face. its about your tattoos.

david beckham. i think that pose says it all.

dear joaquin. i know youre not a dad, but since i plan on having you father several of my children, here's to you!


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