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Sunday, July 02, 2006

another reason to hover

when a.m. moved back to d.c. she lived in rosslyn, just blocks from where i work. about once a week we would meet at "our place," a.k.a. starbucks, and walk across the bridge to mie n yu, where the setting is lush, the drinks divine and the music ethereal. but, that wasnt the real appeal - at least not for me. i loved it because it was the one place i consistently had to fight the guys off with a stick. does that sounds shallow? 'cause im okay with that. my friends are all total hotties; every last one of them. and when we go out, they get a lot of attention, and deservedly so. but for some reason, when a.m. and i would go to mie n yu, the staff eschewed her tall, gorgeous, leggy blondness in favor of my short, brown squatness. frankly, i was prepared to bring a tent and never leave. there was the male bellydancing bartender who gave me all my drinks for free and tried to get me to meet him after his shift was over; there was the waiter at a.m.'s going away dinner who repeatedly, and not very subtle, complimented me on the pearl necklace i was wearing; and the other waiter, who offered to escort me to the bathroom every time i left the table. however, after finding out that mie n yu has been listed in details magazine as one of the best bars in the country for . . . ahem . . . an afternoon delight . . . it puts the offer to escort me to the bathroom in a whole new light.

i find this nomination particularly bizarre because the bathrooms at mie n yu are co-ed and staffed with an attendant. a.m. and i would literally wait until we were about to be singin' in the rain before we would leave the barstool and head down the stairs into the bathroom, which is really just a large lobby with 8 doors and troughs to wash your hands in. we always commented on how it was a little too open and suggestive for us. apparently, we are the only people in the country who feel that way.


Blogger Gr8 N VA said...

Perhaps Mr. Bartender wanted to give you a little "pearl necklace" of his own ;) dirty girl!

7:58 AM  

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