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Sunday, July 09, 2006

do you think the desire to wear bodysuits is contagious?

when i first saw these pictures i thought it was shannon doherty. i mean, she hasnt perfected the i'll-cut-a-bitch-while-wearing-the-tie-that-brandon-wore-during-the-student-council-election-and-one-of-my-dads-suit-vests-look, but she does have the wonky, asymmetrical eye thing down. and she's workin' the brenda bangs. not bad for a woman 15 years brenda's senior. good work, bebe, or lilith as you will always be known to me.

for reference, here's a photo of shannon. i know that in this picture they dont particularly look alike (i really feel as though lilith was trying for brenda the early years when men's wear and pleated acid washed jeans that went above your belly button were the height of fashion not brenda the later years, or brenda as prue), but i love how the woman in this picture is trying desperately to free herself from shannon's grip.


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