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Thursday, August 10, 2006

coming up with titles is exhausting

5. i wore my birkenstock sandals to work today so i didnt have to walk from my apartment to the metro in heels - how the hell do hippies do that? by the time i got the three blocks, i had a rather sizable rock collection forming under my feet. by the time i got to work, i had some leaves, sticks and a few birds trying to build a nest in my shoes. heels were actually a welcomed relief!

4. im so thankful the heat has finally broke and i no longer have to wear skirts and worry that my chub rub is going to start a brush fire in my pubes.. i wore slacks and a long sleeved sweater to work today, and am freezing in my cube; its such a welcomed relief.

3. i hate you starbucks and your "free sample" of crack (a.k.a chocolate banana bread) that cost me $2 and distracted me from work all day remembering its sweet chocolatey goodness. capitalist bastards.

2. i woke up this morning at 6 a.m. but still didnt manage to get into work until 10:15. how does that happen? is there some sort of time warp in my kitchen that causes time in my apartment to pass very slowly while it passes very quickly everywhere else?

1. i have to fly out of national next friday. any takers on how long the screening process through security is going to be? do you think i will ever be able to walk through a metal detector with my shoes on again?


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