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Monday, August 28, 2006

he better train me shirtless

so i joined the gym almost a month ago, and when i did i signed up for three sessions with a personal trainer, who i still havent had my first session with. and, while he is indeed cute as a button that still rawks the faux-hawk, im seriously beginning to doubt his time maintenance skills. actually, i think he is intimidated by my hawtness and therefore doesnt want to work with me. two weeks ago i had a conversation with him that went like this:

him: "uhhh, dewd, did i like miss a session today?"
me: "excuse me?!"
him: "um, well, im still at home in bed, and like, i kinda thought we were starting today."
me: "nope. actually not till i get back from vacation in a few weeks. our first session isnt until tuesday, august 29th at 7 a.m."
him: "oh. cool. so, i like, still have time to plan and stuff."
me: "yeah. and stuff."
him: "sorry if i, like, woke you."

this call took place at 8:20 a.m. admittedly, its not entirely unlikely to wake me by calling at 8:20 but he doesnt know me well enough to know that.

so this morning at the gym, i run into my genius trainer. he wants to move our first session from tomorrow to the following week, because his week, is like, totally killer. on the one hand, im fine with this. ive just gotten back from a 7 day vacay and could use some time to get back into gym mode. on the other hand, idiot boy, we made these plans three weeks ago, and it was YOUR suggestion that we meet on tuesday the 29th. i appreciate that things come up, but, arent you supposed to schedule new appointments around existing ones, not the other way around?


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