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Thursday, August 10, 2006

in terms of "bomb threats" this was sort of a let down

yesterday as im coming into the metro station in van nasty, i notice there are an abnormally lot of people waiting for the metro. but, since it arrives moments later with few people on it, i dont think much about it. but i should have. ive ridden the metro long enough not to be fooled by its seemingly timely arrival. after boarding the train and sitting for eight minutes in a closed door holding pattern, i realized that i was trapped, and that i wouldnt be getting to work any time soon. but, since im never in that much of a hurry to get there anyway, i didnt think much of it. at the next stop, a recorded message told me there was a minor delay due to a "police situation" which is a favorite code word of the wmata system (although my favorite is a sick passenger which i always assume means some drunk sorostitute puked up her long island iced tea). eventually, after 25 minutes and only two train stations, the driver got on the p.a. system and said that there were "major delays" -- anytime they will admit to that is a big deal. an hour delay is still "minor" to the metro system -- due to a bomb threat. needless to say, i hopped off the metro right quick.

this was not, however, my first experience with bomb threats. when i was flying to germany to see my dad as a teenager, our flight came in for an approach, but then re-ascended (is that a word) and circled forever. like, i thought we were going to run out of fuel, forever. it was my first international flight, and i was alone, and i didnt really know enough to suspect that something was wrong or to ask any questions. when we landed (after what seemed like hours) i was greeted by large man, with an equally large dog, and an automatic weapon. my father was standing to the side, completely panicked, and was holding a red rose for me. anyone who has ever met my father knows he has the paternal instincts of a goldfish who eats its own young, so i found this even more bizarre than the hours of circling. turns out, there had been some sort of bomb threat in the terminal, and we hadnt been allowed to land until the situation was resolved.


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