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Saturday, November 25, 2006

ama, wtf?

allow me to confess that i hate reality shows (except those on bravo, a la top chef and project runway). with the exception of the first season, ive never seen any of american idol, and i dont listen to country music. but, i saw these pictures of carrie underwood and thought to myself: wow! finally a young woman who manages to look both attractive and sexy while still covering all of her essential anatomical girl parts. i can neither see her nipples nor how good a waxer she has! and sadly, this is all it takes to be considered lady-like.

according to wireimage, this is how ms. underwood looked on the red carpet:


and, this is how she looked while on stage performing:

which is exactly how i would picture someone dressing while performing a song titled "jesus take the wheel." dignified. classy.


spoke too soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was like WTF when i saw that too. It looked like something BS would wear, not a compliment.

10:35 PM  

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