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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

observations from the lido deck

1) giant is selling a two pound fruit cake for $14.99. i didnt think you could GIVE fruitcake away, much less charge $15 for it.

2) i have to have my picture taken today (which is pretty much my idea of hell) and not only is my hair NOT cooperating, but, i didnt even thing to get my eyebrows (or, ahem, my lip) done! anyone who knows me personally will understand how devastating this is to me. the only thing that could make it worse was if i'd accidentally shown up to work naked.

3) i think its possible that in the process of pretending to be an adult, ive actually become one. last night, i turned down a ticket to my morning jacket because, in my exact words, i had a "big day" tomorrow. frightening.

4) big love is the only reason i have any idea who bill paxton is, or that he is not in fact bill pullman. according to imbd, he's been in every t.v. show and movie ever made (including two pat benatar video collections), but even after watching an entire season of big love (in about 3 days) i still couldnt pick him out of a line-up.

5) i just realized my new office as a transgendered bathroom. i was under the misguided belief that it was a unisex bathroom a la ally mcbeal; it wasnt until i noticed that the men and women's room have signs stating "the all sex bathroom is downstairs" that i finally understood.

6) our office also acquired a piece of art with a woman smoking a cigarette that reads: smoking kills. but at least you look cool doing it. i LOVE this place!


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