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Sunday, November 26, 2006


i am currently obsessed with the magnetic fields album "i". it came out in 2004 so its not actually a new album, just a great one. (there was some debate with dewey about the name of the album. he insisted that it was called "1" as in the number, whereas i firmly believed it was "i" as in the pronoun [i mean, hello, every song starts with "i" (which he claimed was a coincidence and not a concept)]. normally with all things music i would defer to dewey, but i really felt right about this, and it give me great pleasure to say that i was, indeed correct. [although, he may have been joking. im pretty gullible, and he lies with a very straight face]. end aside.).

i dont normally do music reviews because frankly, i know nothing about music except that i know what i like when i hear it. and, im not about to start now (see aforementioned, "i know nothing about music" claim), however, since ive been listening to it on repeat for days now and my linear notes brag about my music taste (which is a bold face lie as anyone who has ever seen my itunes can attest to; amy grant, anyone?) i thought i would share some choice, and im my opinion brilliant, lyrics. the album is filled with love songs; some sad, some ironic but most, an ode to love thats unrequited.

i die
(possibly my favorite song [which i say about almost everything], goes like this, in its entirety):
i die when you walk by
so beautiful and strong
each day you pass my way
in your bubble where nothing goes wrong
you think your youth
a permanent truth
but here is a tear for your eye:
having forgotten how to cry, i die.

i dont really love you anymore
because i am a gentleman
think of me as just your fan
who remembers every dress you ever wore
just the bad comedian
your new boyfriend's better than
'cos i don't really love you anymore

i dont believe you
(i love any song that finds a way to use the word ampersand, not once, but twice!)
so you quote love unquote me
well, stranger things have come to be
but let's agree to disagree
'cos i don't believe you

i had a dream and you were in it
the blue of your eyes was infinite
you seemed to be
in love with me
which isn't very realistic

so you're brilliant gorgeous and
ampersand after ampersand
you think i just don't understand
but i don't believe you

i thought you were my boyfriend
you told me you loved me
i know where and when
come sunrise, surprise surprise
the joke's on me again

i know you don't love me
you know i don't care
keep it hidden better
did i say the world was fair?

i thought i was just the guy
for you and it would never end
i thought we were supposed to be like glue
i thought you were my boyfriend
i thought you were my boyfriend

love or not i've always got
ten guys on whom i can depend
and if you're not mine
one less is nine; get wise
i thought you were my boyfriend
i thought you were my boyfriend

i just hope you're happy
stringing me along
while you're stringing
i'm here singing
this, my saddest song

i wish i could see you
i wish i could sleep
should i freak out?
should i seek out
someone i could keep?

i wanted you tonight.
i walked around a lot.
wishing you were here to keep me from sleeping
with anyone who might
want me, or even not
some guys have a beer and they'll do anything, anything, anything.


Blogger wharman said...

i is a good one! Nice ear. Stephen Merritt has had many wonderful projects... Check him out!

8:20 PM  

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