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Sunday, November 26, 2006

how i spent my day

its been well documented that i am a horrible driver. however, after having d.s.b.'s car for the past few weeks, i can safely say, i am no worse than most d.c. drivers (which admittedly isnt saying much). i rarely drove their car but, i did take it for a spin today and the only accident i almost had was when two idiots in an mercedes station wagon decided to cut across three lanes of traffic in dupont circle to turn onto mass ave. prissy, undoubtedly-from-virginia, bree-van-de-kamp-wanna-be-in-a-twin-set-and-pearls passenger had the nerve to give me a look im sure she usually reserves for when her husband manually inserts the hunk of coal she gets for christmas up her ass (im sure they're diamonds just in time for valentines). having seen what they were trying to do, i slowed to let them in, but, being idiots from virginia (of which i am also one) they dont know how to merge, and instead came to a dead stop and gave me the above described death stare. i waved them ahead with my hands, AND gave them the exasperated bugged out eye stare, so really there was nothing more i could have done to signal them outside of mailing them an engraved invitation pleading with them to join my lane.

so, the reason for my afternoon excursion was a trip to the national arboretum. ive always wanted to go, and it was literally the one thing on my to-do list for while i was unemployed. and wouldnt you know it, i never managed to go. you really need a car to get there so i had planned on going my last friday of unemployment, but instead spent the day with dewey and had a fabulous time (except for the fact that it was the last time ive seen him, or with the exception of a text message, heard from him). i didnt get started as early as i wanted today (because really, who can be bothered to get out of bed?), but i did eventually get showered and climb in the car. ive seen the arboretum a dozen times, but of course, the one time im looking for it, i cant find it. i must have been within a block of it for 20 minutes before i gave it the proverbial finger and headed back to d.s.b.'s to park the car. instead, i spent the day on their rooftop deck, drinking coffee and reading a book. all of which i could have done at home, on my own rooftop deck, except my coffee is almost as bad as my driving, so, its still a win though a minor one.


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