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Saturday, June 23, 2007

i am not, as you will see, a morning person

its 9:30 on a saturday morning and ive been awake and quasi-functional for three and a half hours, two and a half of those at work. i actually got up earlier this morning than i do during the week which is completely unnecessary. however, its for a good cause: papa smurf is taking some of the smurfettes and i to a show at merriweather this afternoon. so, while it sucks to be at work at 7 a.m. on a saturday, its a little easier knowing that by 5pm i will be drinking gin and tonics, picnicking, listening to thievery corporation and manu chao, and generally smurfing it up.

on a smurf related topic: one of the principals at van nasty world head quarters actually said "excellent smurfing" to me on friday. im glad to hear that my one woman mission to bring "smurf" back is starting to catch on.

on a music related topic: pink martini played wolftrap on monday. shows at wolftrap are one of my favorite summer activities. who doesnt love packing a picnic and sitting on a nice summer night (i seriously almost wrote summers eve prompting me to think "who talks like that?" followed quickly by "ewwwww!")? unfortunately for me, i miss pink martini every time they come to town, and monday was no exception. last summer they played the lisner and the a.s.s. was supposed to get us tickets; granted, i should have known better than to put him in charge of ticket buying for a show i, and not he, wanted to see. as you would expect, that little endeavor went pear shaped. this year i was determined to go! however, my desire and determination was in direct opposition to the wilting summer heat and the inaugural night of fort reno. somehow, in spite of a plethora of other options, i ended up once again spending the night bonding with the couch and watching me without you, which for what its worth, is a great movie.

*update: hah! its obviously way too early for me because i totally forgot the purpose of this little trip down memory lane which was: i went in to work on tuesday and c.s. (my sister from another mother) asked the boss: how was pink martini? which prompted me to go apoplectic because, omg, not only could i have had someone to go to the show with, but it could have been the boss man to whom i have an entire wall dedicated as an alter (complete with photos, always burning incense, and hugo boss shoes).

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