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Sunday, June 17, 2007

other things that are iffy, but not yet boycotted

about six weeks ago i had my first appointment with naca, the neighborhood assistance corporation of america, a national non-profit/community advocacy/home buying assistance program. my first meeting took more than two months to get and was cancelled twice. they tell you that they need two years of tax information and three months of bank statements, credit card statements and pay stubs. they use this information to perform some basic credit counseling to determine how financially able you are to buy, and what your current savings patterns are.

when i provided them with my information i said (to the low-talking-gum-popping girl at the front desk) you arent going to make copies of my information are you? her response: no. what she didnt mention was that they were going to scan my documents into the computer system. though my counselor was a perfectly lovely girl, i have no idea who else has access to that information or how long they keep it on file. they know my bank account number (savings and checking), my credit card information, my social security number, my mother's maident name, my shoe size and how much i weigh; i am essentially waiting for the day that my credit cards are maxed out and my bank account empty. not only that, but its been six weeks and there has been no follow-up, and my multiple emails and voicemails have all gone un-returned.

i am hopeful that i will still buy a place; i am doubtful it will be with naca's assistance.

p.s. please, please, please, dont empty my already anemic bank account.

p.p.s. please, please, please, feel free to pay off my student loans.



Anonymous NACA said...

We are sorry to hear that you have not received any updates from our team. Please click on the below link & post a formal Complaint so that we may appropriately respond to your queries.
NACA Staff

1:27 PM  

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