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Sunday, June 24, 2007

a disturbing trend

most recent google searches:

18) triple dry
17) miniskirt without undies
16) loule hair
15) dave grohl's tattoos on both his arms pictures
14) hot bitches using bed pans
13) craigslist mens clothing austin texas
12) nasty pelvic exams
11) nasty tits
10) nasty tits
9) nasty boys and girls
8) douchery
7) ucla undies run
6) men pissing on men
5) men pissing
4) salon loule
3) neighborhood assitance corporation of america
2) nasty panty
1) men pissing

the two people searching for "nasty tits" within minutes of each other? not the same person. nor are the three people looking for men pissing (on men), unless of course they have invented a plane that travels from spain to greece to virginia in minutes. i actually noticed that "men pissing" has become a very popular way to find my blog (for reasons i dont even want to know).

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