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Saturday, June 23, 2007

five things about me right now

5) my hair is both longer and curlier than yesterday. how is that possible? shouldnt it be that if my hair is curlier it would be shorter? and while i can understand that its curly (hello hot, humid weather!) should it also look a foot longer? thankfully, im getting a pre-cut on tuesday. as previously noted, my haircuts are irregular events. im planning to donate my hair later this year and want to test drive a new hairdresser for a new, edgier look.

4) that cannot actually be how "edgier" is spelled, can it? does it look completely bizarre and foreign to anyone else?

3) there is someone pacing, and looming over me, as we speak. allow me to explain: looming over me will not cause someone else to do their job faster. sorry. it just doesnt work that way.

2) the dewey decimals band recently played fort reno, a free concert 10 minutes from my house, and possibly my absolute favorite dc summer activity. while in the past i have had to (mostly unsuccessfully) beg people to go with me to see dewey's band (and therefore hopefully avoid the awkward, not sure what my role is or what im supposed to be doing, after show encounter) this time, every person i have ever met came out of the wood work to ask if i was going to the show (as though my history of bad decision making needed encouragement). hilariously, people were equally motivated to discourage my going to fort reno. apparently the haters know me well enough to know that my decision making skills, especially when clouded with alcohol, cannot be trusted, and actually organized to prevent me from going (not that i would have gone... at least i dont think). they plied me away with food, booze and a belated birthday dinner; god, i am such a birthday slut! (for the record, i havent seen him since the crying episode. i was however, once tempted to stop by his work [where i met him], which i miss as much if not more than him. literally, the only thing that stopped me was that i was wearing the same outfit i wore the last time i saw him, and while im apparently not too ashamed to see him again after crying hysterically in his bed, i am too embarrassed to do it in the same outfit. female logic, it boggles the mind).

1) i stepped on one of my hard contacts and have been wearing my glasses for the past three weeks. im vaguely shocked that after 10 years of hard contacts, this is the first time that thats ever happened - especially considering that they literally go flying out of my eye on a semi-regular basis. thank god i have cute glasses.


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