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Saturday, June 23, 2007

NACA update

as i have previously discussed, i am hoping to soon be among the landed gentry. granted, my land will most likely be a 500 sq ft condo that brings me no closer to achieving my twin goals of one day having an in unit washer-dryer and a dish washer than i currently am, but that is not the point. the point will be that when i sit around my second hand furnished apartment, hand washing my dishes and running down to the silverfish infested basement to do laundry, i will at least be able to say i own and not rent. i will be the queen of my own little fiefdom where i can impose ridiculous rules as i see fit.

i blogged last week about my dissatisfaction with NACA, the neighborhood assistance corporation of america, a.k.a. the program i have been trying to use to buy my "house". their response was swift and appropriate. i was surprised (but not really seeing as i spent half my time monitoring blogs to see what they say about my clients) that they stumbled onto my blog; it honestly hadnt been my intention. not only did they leave me a comment on the blog entry, but they contacted me by email (which by the way is hilarious to have a conversation with someone where you are trying to convey that you are a responsible adult and are using the email address of vannastea at gmail dot com). they assured me that they had contacted to woman i met with and that she would be getting in touch with me. im sure no one will be surprised to hear that she in fact did not get back to me. nor am i sure that i would want to continue the process with her; if someone blogged about you which caused your corporate office to contact you, how excited would you be to then help this person buy a home?

side note: my account is a gmail account. as you may know, emails sent to a gmail account are scanned electronically for key words and advertisements are then targeted specifically to what they assume your interests are based on your email content. i get lots of targeted ads trying to sell me coffee which, though i dont feel like i email about, is indeed very important to my daily function, so brava gmail. this time, the targeted ad: 100% confidential whistleblowing. seriously. i had to print it out and show it to everyone in the office. hilarity ensued.

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Blogger ryteclick said...

I have also blogged about my NACA experience. I'm not happy, not at all. I'm sure they have lied to me. In my last visit, I have heard them lie to other clients. I actually have a digital recording of the Office director telling a client over the phone that the process only takes as long as it takes the client to turn in all of the required information. I couldn't believe she's say that in front of me when I'm in her office because they lied and said they submitted our information but didn't. We've had all our information in since April 15th and nothing. I haven't finished blogging about them. Check me out sometime at

9:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Van. I'm thinking about going through NACA, but everyone I've talked to says that the program is an EXTREME hassle. I don't know if I'm game for that. Also hear that they pressure you to use their realtors. I already have a GREAT realtor. Also hear that they charge $50 a month (built into mortgage payments), place a lien of sorts on the property, and drag the whole process into oblivion. I think I'm going to go conventional.

Thanks for providing one more truthful view of the NACA process.

9:10 PM  

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