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Saturday, June 23, 2007

other things that happened this month

more specifically, things that happened on the 11th.

much the way otherwise sane women go all bridzilla while planning their wedding - suddenly realizing they have passionate, if otherwise latent, convictions about whether the china they register for is ivory, cream or off white - i suddenly become completely insane about my birthday. i blame my father, not just because its convenient, but because im fairly certain its his fault. its been at least 20 years since ive spent a birthday with my dad, and 28 years since he's remembered my birth. granted, i often forget his birthday, but, since i had no part in his conception, wasnt present at his delivery, was not responsible for the selection and spelling of his name, and have never lived with him in any meaningful way, i think i can be granted a two day wiggle room. in years past, our birthday tango has gone something like this: he forgets. i fume silently. i wait until fathers day to call him and remind him that he forgot my birthday, at which point he laughs, and says "look at that. you werent even on the calendar!" bartering begins. finally last year i told him, "if you are going to otherwise be absent from my life, attempts at buying my affection (or toleration) are going to have to come with more zeros." i was only 20% joking.

this year, though i didnt hear from my dad on my birthday (or at all until i called him on fathers day which caught him completely off guard as he had forgotten that too), i did receive a gift certificate from him prior to the actual day. so while there is no proof that he actually knows my birthday, he does seem to be aware that he has two daughters, one of whom is still somewhere in her 20s and born sometime early in june. progress!

my mother however went all out as mothers tend to do. she sang me happy birthday no less than five times, and at least once at my office while on speaker phone. she and i spent sunday morning together having brunch (more booze than brunch) then did some light shopping in georgetown which consisted of me shopping for books and music. my sister and her family sent me a gift certificate which ive had already spent (which is so very unlike me. i normally horde those like a squirrel storing up for winter. in fact, at this very moment i have two gift certificates i was given for christmas, one from my first day at work, and one from last years birthday). so thanks m.j.; in case youre wondering, you bought me the mother mother c.d. i couldnt find anywhere else (and by anywhere i mean barnes and noble because i really wasnt trying that hard), the newish voxtrot, miranda july's new book that i will probably find, like her movies, too precious, and an ugly doll (because for a minute i was confused and thought that i was eight).

as for the actual birthday, it was spent among great friends who went out of their way to celebrate with me. i truly and sincerely feel blessed to have friends who will come out with me on a monday night and make sure that i never, not even for a second, stand around without a drink in both my hands. not only that, but apparently 28 is the year of jewelry (who knew?!) and i now sport handmade earrings, a toe ring, and a six-legged spider necklace (which i actually believe to be a dung beetle, an appropriate gift seeing as we're both full of shit!).

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