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Sunday, June 24, 2007

her name is my name too

[editors note: the its a small world theme song should be playing in your head while you read this]

my friend just told me a "isnt that crazy?!" small world story that we took from "huh. coincidence" to "thats just downright freaky" in the span of two minutes.

it started out with her saying that she recently had a med student sit in on her exam and discovered that they both had a friend in common. apparently like everyone else, they made chit chat by playing the "what school are you at? oh! do you know, such and such?" game, and it turns out she did, making the get naked part of the exam a little awkward for all involved.

as she relayed the story to me, i of course ask the med student's name, because she is in the same class and year as the a.s.s. if it is who i think it is, not only have i met her several times, but she and the a.s.s. are good friends. the coincidences, however, dont stop there. it turns out that through the a.s.s. i have also met the girl they had in common; i only know this because we share a name, and while my name isnt unusual, its also not common (how many van nasty's do you know?). in fact, because we have the same name, the a.s.s. has wrongly emailed or texted us more than once, sending her information about a show at the black cat, and me notes from physiology class. i have more than once pretended to be very offended by the fact that he confuses us, and have not at all subtly let him know that i am van nasty #1, and she is van nasty #2 and that i dont appreciate being confused with someone else.

oddly enough the coincidence doesnt end there. after hearing her story, i mention that i am in the market for a new doctor and my friend offers to recommend hers to me, which i decline because ive already been recommended a good doctor. turns out (of course) its the same doctor. see? its a small world after all.

(as if on cue, someone in the building just stopped by the desk asking for help logging into their email account. turns out, they are a professor at the same university from which the a.s.s. matriculated, which, since he went to school 3000 miles away, is more of a coincidence than it sounds!).



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